Schotch-Jennings Logic Prize

1) Every two years is attributed a prize

2) Each contender should submit a non published paper (between 10 to 30 pages) in any area of logic, written in English of French

3) The jury is formed by  5 researchers working in Canada representative of all areas of logic and the geography of the country

4) The prize, besides being honorific, supports the participation (travel + housing + registration fee) of the winner in the World Congress of Universal Logic and the publication of the paper in the journal Logica Universalis, Birkhäuser

5) There is no restriction of age, sex, race, nationality. The contender only needs to live in Canada and be affiliated with a University (or other educational institution) in Canada.

Schotch-Jennings Logic Prize 2018

i) Participation in UNILOG'2018 in Vichy, France: airticket + housing + registration fees will be provided to the winner. Publication of the paper in the journal Logica Universalis

ii) Send your paper by January 15, 2018 to john.woods@ubc.ca and francois.lepage@umontreal.ca

iii) Jury 2018
Alasdair Urquhart, University of Toronto - General Logic (Chair)
Wendy MacCaull, St. Francis Xavier University - Logic and Computer Science
Jean-Pierre Marquis, Université de Montréal - Foundations of Logic
Sandra Lapointe, McMaster University - History and Philosophy of Logic
Bryson Brown, University of Lethbridge - Non-Classical Logics

Organizers of the Prize:
John Woods, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
François Lepage, Université de Montréal, Québec


Peter Schotch             Ray Jennings

The 2018 Winners are:
Jeff Pelletier (University of British Columbia)
and Allen Hazen (University of Alberta)
for their joint paper:
“K3, L3, LP, RM3, A3, FDE, M:
How to make many valued logics work for you”