Aim of the School

This school is on universal logic. Basically this means that tutorials will present general techniques useful for a comprehensive study of the numerous existing systems of logic and useful also for building and developing new ones.

ASL student travel awards are available

For PhD students, postdoctoral students and young researchers interested in logic, artificial intelligence, mathematics, philosophy, inguistics and related fields, this will be a unique opportunity to get a solid background for their future researches.

The school is intended to complement some very successful interdisciplinary summer schools which have been organized in Europe and the USA in recent years: The ESSLLI (European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information) in Europe and the NASSLLI (North American Summer School on Logic, Language and Information) - this last one has been launched recently by one of us (Darko Sarenac).

The difference is that our school will be more focused on logic, there will be less students (these events gather several hundreds of students) and a better interaction between advanced students and researchers through the combination of the school and the congress (Participants of the School are strongly encouraged to submit a paper for the congress). We also decided to schedule our event in Spring in order not to overlap with these big events.

School of Universal Logic

Each tutorial will be presented in 3 sessions of 1h15. The tutorials will be given by a wide range of logical scholars from around the world:

Jean-Yves Beziau, UFC, Fortaleza, Brazil

Patrick Blackburn, LORIA, Nancy, France

Arthur Buchsbaum, UFSC, Florianopolis, Brazil

Mihir Chakraboti, Calcutta, India

Marcelo Coniglio, UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil

Catarina Dutilh-Novaes, ILLC, Amsterdam,

Razvan Diaconescu, Romanian Acad., Bucarest

Fernando Ferreira, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Andreas Herzig, IRIT, Toulouse, France

Decio Krause, UFSC, Florianopolis, Brazil

Tamar Lando, UC Berkeley, USA

Jui-Lin Lee, National Formosa University, Taiwan

João Marcos, UFRN, Natal, Brazil

Paulo Mateus, IST, Lisbon, Portugal

Friederike Moltmann, IHPST, Paris, France

Alessio Moretti, University of Nice, France

Ole Hjorland, St Andrews University, Scotland

Jean Sallantin, LIRMM, Montpellier, France

Fabien Schang, TU Dresden, Germany

Darko Sarenac, Colorado State University, USA

Tom Skura, University of Zielona Gora, Poland

Heinrich Wansing, TU Dresden , Germany

Greg Wheeler, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Andrzej Wisniewski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

You can find here the list and description of the 21 tutorials availbale at the universal school of logic.