In this session the validity of the principle of non-contradiction will be discussed and various systems of paraconsistent logics will be presented investigating the nature of negation, the definition of paraconsistent logics and general aspects of paraconsistency.
Paraconsistent Logics

Special Session

In honor of Casey Neil McGinnis (in memoriam)

Organized by

Alexandre Costa-Leite

(University of Brasilia, Brazil)

Accepted contributed talks

Graham Priest (City University of New York, USA)

1. Musa Akrami, Department of Philosophy of Science, Islamic Azad University (Science and Research Branch), Teheran, Iran, "Avicennian ontological reading of the non-contradiction principle"

2. Alexandre Costa-Leite, Department of Philosophy, University of Brasilia, Brazil, "Paraconsistentization: the general theory of paraconsistent logics."

3. Soma Dutta, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Biosocial Research and Development, Kolkata, India, "Negation in paraconsistent logic"

4. Jean-Louis Hudry, Dpt of Philosophy, University of Tartu, Estonia, "Aristotle and the principle of non-contradiction: where are the Proofs?"

5. Srecko Kovac, Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia, "Paraconsistent identities and modalities"

6. Hans Lycke, Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, University of Ghent, Belgium, "Paraconsistent intuitionistic logic"

7. José M. Méndez, Gemma Robles, Francisco Salto, University of Salamanca- Dpt History and Philosophy of Science, University of La Laguna - Dpt of Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy, University of Léon, Spain, "Paraconsistent logics adequate to consistency understood as the absence of the negation of any implicative theorem"

8. Dmitry Zaitsev, Moscow State University, Russia, "Paraconsistent classical logic"