Logical Quantum Structures

Here the schedule and poster of the workshop

Workshop organized by

Décio Krause
(Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil)


Christian de Ronde
(University of Buenos Aires / CONICET, Argentina and Center Leo Apostel, Belgium)


This workshop intends to lighten from several points of view some foundational aspects of physical theories, mainly quantum theories, such as mathematical, philosophical, logical, metaphysical and ontological aspects.

The aim is to indicate some possible lines of philosophical and logical investigation which seem to be in need of deeper research in this field, so as to join people with common interest and to motivate the formation of research groups.Some of the topics to be discussed are:

  • Quantum logic: approaches and perspectives.
  • Inconsistencies and paradoxes in quantum mechanics: how to consider them.
  • Identity and individuality: can quantum objects be treated as individuals?
  • Modality in quantum mechanics: formal and interpretational issues.
  • Quantum computation: logical frameworks.quantum structures
  • Formal aspects of quantum theories
  • Non-reflexive quantum mechanics
  • Paraconsistent quantum mechanics


    Call for papers

    Abstracts for this workshop should be sent via e-mail before November 15th 2012 to:

    deciokrause@gmail.com  or cderonde@gmail.com





Keynote Speakers

Dennis Dieks
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Bob Coecke
University of Oxford, UK

Hector Freytes
Dpt of Philosophy, Univ. of Cagliari, Italy, Dpt of Math., FCEyA /CONICET, Argentina

Contributing Speakers

Decio Krause, Dpt of Philosophy, University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, TBA

Christian de Ronde, Departament of Philosophy, UBA/ CONICET, Argentina - Center Leo Apostel and Foundations of the Exact Sceinces, Belgium), Non-Reflexive Foundation for Quantum Mechanics

Gabriel Catren, SPHERE - CNRS. University of Paris 7, France, Quantum Ontology in the Light of Gauge Theories

Jonas Becker, Department of Philosophy, Fronteira Sul Federal University, Brazil, TBA

Julien Page, SPHERE - CNRS. University of Paris 7, France, Heisenberg Indeterminacy Principle in the Light of Galois-Grothendieck Algebraic Theory

Olimpia Lombardi, FCEyN/ University of Buenos Aires, CONICET. Argentina, Contextuality and Indistinguishability in Quantum Mechanics: A Modal Ontology of Properties

Sebastian Fortín and Leonardo Vanni, FCEyN/ University of Buenos Aires, CONICET. Argentina, Quantum Decoherence: A Logical Perspective

Bhupinder Singh Anand A Suggested Mathematical Perspective for the EPR Argument

Jairo Roldan, Departament of Physics, University del Valle, Columbia, Indivisibility, Complementarity, Ontology and Logic

Federico Holik, Institute of Physics of La Plata, CONICET, Argentina, Logic, Quantum Mechanics and Probability Theories