Friday 22 Aternoon and Saturday 23 Morning

Matteo Acclavio
LIX, INRIA, Saclay Research Centre, Paris, France
“A Constructive Proof of Coherence Theorem for Symmetric Monoidal Category”

Peter Arndt, Ramon Jansana, Hugo Luiz Marianoand Darllan Conceição Pinto, University of Düsseldorf, Germany; University of Barcelona, Spain; University of São Paulo, Brazil;Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
“Filter pairs: A new way of presenting logics”

Alexandre Goy, Marc Aiguier and Isabelle Bloch
MICS, LTCI, Université Paris-Saclay, France
“Dual Logic Concepts based on Mathematical Morphology in Stratified Institutions: Applications to Spatial Reasoning”

Nino Guallart and Angel Nepomuceno-Fernández
Department of Philosophy, Logic and Philosophy of Science, University of Seville, Spain
“Categorical semantics for a variation of subjective logic”

Gaëll Guibert and Benoît Sauzay
Paris, France
“Analogies of meaning across logic and categories”

Sándor Jenei
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Pécs, Hungary
“Strong Standard Completeness of IUL plus t ⇔ f”

Noemi Lubomirsky, Jose Luis Castiglioni and Manuela Busaniche,
CONICET, National University of La Plata, Argentina and Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Coast, National University of the Littoral, Santa Fe, Argentina
“Prime and maximal filters for the free algebra in the subvariety of BL-algebras generated by [0,1]MV + H”

Alexei Muravitsky
Louisiana Scholars' College, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA
“On Two Mutually Inverse Isomorphisms between NEmHC and NEK4.Grz”

Eduardo Ochs
Department of Natural Sciences, Fluminense Federal University, Rio das Ostras, Brazil
“Visualizing Geometric Morphisms”

Eleonoura Enoque da Silva and Giovanni Silva Queiroz
Department of Philosophy, Federal University of Paraíba, Brazil
“Semantic Construction for Hilbert's Category”

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