Tuesday 26 Morning

Jean-Pierre Desclés
Université Paris-Sorbonne, France
“How Combinatory Logic can be used to formalize meanings”

Ricardo Jardim
Department of Philosophy, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“The Structural Unconcious: the Logic of Differences”

Andrius Kulikauskas
Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania
“A Structural Semiotic Study of How We Use Variables in Math and Logic”

Xiaohui Zou and Shunpeng Zou
China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China and Searle Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, USA
“Bilingual Logic Based on the Scientific Method System”

For co-authored papers, first is the name of the one who will present the talk. Talks are located in a workshop or in a session
Keynote talks= 45 mn / Contributed talks = 30 mn (including discussion in both cases)
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