A great variety of turorials

For the 6th edition of this school there will be many tutorials on all aspects of logic:

  • history of logic (Aristotle, Stoic logic, Medieval logic, Lesniewski, Couturat, etc ...)
  • relations/applications of logic to other fields (Logic and the Brain, Logic and Religion, Conceptual Enginnering, etc.)
  • mathematical logic and foundations (Topos theory, Lindenbaum methods, Arithmetics. etc.)
  • computational logic (Data linkage, semantic technologies, programming, etc.)

Videos are available here:


A School to Promote Logical Research

Each tutorial will be presented in 3 sessions of 1h. The tutorials will be given by a wide range of logical scholars from all over the world.

The idea is to promote interaction between advanced students and researchers through the combination of a school and a congress. Participants of the School are strongly encouraged to submit a paper for the congress that will happen June 21-26, just after the school.

The school will open with a round table "why study logic?" and will end with a round table "how to publish?"

    Logic Around the World

For PhD students, postdoctoral students and young researchers interested in logic, artificial intelligence, mathematics, philosophy, inguistics and related fields, this will be a unique opportunity to get a solid background for their future researches.