June 26, 2018

Workshop at UNILOG'2018 organized by

Jean-Marie Chevalier
Benoit Gaultier
Groupe de Recherche en Epistémologie, Collège de France, Paris

Peirce’s 2014 Centennial Congress suggested many ways for “invigorating philosophy for the 21st century.” One may expect Charles S. Peirce’s findings to invigorate logic in particular. Not only did Peirce improve Boole’s algebra, develop a logic of relatives and invent logical quantification, but he drew a whole system of diagrammatic reasoning which may not have born all its fruit yet. He also developed new prospects on informal logic and the theories of induction and abduction. While his inspiration roots in Boole, De Morgan or Schröder, his writings were very influential on Skolem, Hintikka or Polish logic among many, and will probably be on the future of logic.

Call for papers

Relevant topics include (but are not restricted to):

  • Peirce’s place in the history of logic
  • The influence of Peirce’s writings on current logical trends
  • Peirce’s version of pragmati(ci)sm
  • Logic and semiotics
  • Implications of Peirce’s logic for the future of logic
  • Peirce’s conception of probabilities
  • Alpha, Bêta and Gamma graphs
  • The use of Peircean diagrams as a pedagogical tool
  • Peirce’s logic of continuity
  • The logic of abduction
  • Peircean epistemology

Contributed talks should not exceed a duration of 30 minutes including discussion. A one-page abstract should be sent via email before November 15, 2017 to:

.      .


Keynote Speaker

Danielle Macbeth
T. Wistar Brown Professor of Philosophy,
Haverford College, USA

“Diagrammatic Reasoning in Peirce and Frege”

Contributing Speakers

Gaetano Albergo, Department of Human Sciences, University of Catania, Italy, “A dinner with Charley”

Rodolfo C. Ertola Biraben, State University o Campinas, UNICAMP, Brazil, “Peirce and distributivity”

Joshua Black, Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield, UK, “Peirce on the Identity of Truth and Reality”

Daniele Chiffi , and Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia and Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan, “Logical Consequence in the Diagrammatic System of Assertive Graphs”

Rocco (Jonathan) Gangle, and Gianluca Caterina, Department of Philosophy, Endicott College, USA and Department of Mathematics, Endicott College, USA, “A Generic Figures Reconstruction of Peirce’s Existential Graphs (Alpha)”

William James McCurdy, Department of English and Philosophy, Idaho State University, “A Peircean Logic of Operations”

Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen and Francesco Bellucci, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan and Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, “Frege and Peirce on the signs of generality”

Cassiano Terra Rodrigues, Department of Philosophy, Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil, “G. Boole, A. De Morgan and C. S. Peirce at the birth of symbolic logic”

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