Classification Questions
in Model Theory

Workshop at UNILOG'2018 organized by

Petros Stefaneas
(National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

Sergey Sudoplatov
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics,
Novosibirsk State University, Russia

Model theory is the branch of mathematical logic dealing with the connection between a formal language and its interpretations, or models, i.e., it represents links between syntactic and semantic objects. These objects can be used to classify each others producing structural classifications of theories and their models. Solving classification questions valuable characteristics arise (dimensions, ranks, complexities, spectra etc.) for various classes of structures and their theories.

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Keynote Speaker

Bruno Poizat
Dept of Mathematics, University of Lyon I, France

Sergey Goncharov
Russian Academy of Sciences

Call for papers

We invite contributions on all aspects of Model Theory. Topics include:

  • Equational classes, universal algebra
  • Basic properties of first-order languages and structures
  • Quantifier elimination, model completeness
  • Finite structures
  • Countable structures
  • Uncountable structures
  • Model-theoretic constructions
  • Categoricity and completeness of theories
  • Interpolation, preservation, definability
  • Classification theory, stability and related concepts
  • Abstract elementary classes and related topics
  • Models with special properties
  • Properties of classes of models
  • Effective and recursion-theoretic model theory
  • Model-theoretic algebra
  • Model theory of ordered structures; o-minimality and their variations
  • Logic on admissible sets
  • Second- and higher-order model theory
  • Nonclassical models
  • Abstract model theory
  • Jonsson theories
  • Topologies on classes of theories and their models
  • Applications of model theory

Abstracts (one page) should be sent by November 15, 2017 via e-mail to:  

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