Program of the School

Why Study Logic ? (Opening Round Table)
Why, What, When, Where & How to publish ? (Closing Round Table)

Aristotle and the Principle of Contradiction
Stoic Logic
Mathematics and Logic in Ancient Greece
C.S. Peirce’s Logic of Relations
Medieval Logic
Louis Couturat: Early symbolic logic
and the dream of a characteristica universalis

Lesniewski's Evolutional Logic
Wittgenstein's Logic
Tractarian Logic and Semantic Technologies

Logic of Desires
Analogical Reasoning
Logic of Lying
Logic in the Brain
The Adventures of the Turnstile (⊢)
Natural Language Argument, the Fallacies, and p-logic
Lindenbaum Method
Logic and Religion
Unified Logic
The Inconsistency Theory of Truth and Nominalistic Mathematics
Definite Descriptions in the Proof-Theoretic Setting

On Logical Modeling of the Information Fusion
Topos theory and Caramello's bridge technique
MMT: A Framework for Defining and Implementing Logics
Logic and Computer Programming
Weak Arithmetics and Applications
Logic-Based Reasoning for Information Integration and Data Linkage
Complexity of Model Checking for Fragments of First-Order Logic
Reasoning on data: the ontology-mediated query answering problem
Conceptual Engineering: A Systematic Unified Framework