Newton da Costa
Dpt of Philosophy, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
"Structures in Science and Metaphysics
Session Empirical

Itala D'Ottaviano
Dept of Philosophy, Sate University of Campinas, Brazil
"On the pre-history of paraconsistency and the history of paraconsistent logic"
Session History

Stephen Read
Dpt of Philosophy, University of St Andrews, Scotland
"Signification, Closure and Indirect Speech Reports"

Workshop Medieval Logic

Manuela Busaniche
Applied Mathematical Institute, Santa Fe, and CONICET, Argentina
"Residuated Lattices Represented by Twist-Products"

Worskhop Many-Valued Logics

Yuri Gurevich
Microsoft Research, USA
"The intrinsic logic of information
Plenary Closing Lecture

"What, If anything, can be done in linear time?"
Worskhop IMLA 6.0

Safak Ural
Dpt of Philosophy, University of Istanbul, Turkey
"On the question "What is logic?
Workshop Logic and Metaphysics

Daniele Mundici

Department of Mathematics, University of Florence, Italy
"Recent developments in Lukasiewicz logic"

Session Class

Hiroakira Ono
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
"Translation results in substructural logics"

Session Class


Roberto Casati
Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS, Paris, France
"Blueprint for knot logics"

Worskhop Shape 2.0

Andrzej Wisniewski
Chair of Logic and Cognitive Science, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
"Effectiveness of Question-Answer System"

Workshop Logic and Linguistics

Hans Burkhardt
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany
"The Leibnizian logic as link between traditional and modern logic"
Workshop Scope of Logic

Roberto M.Cesar Jr
Dpt of Mathematics, University of São Paulo, Brazil
"Graph-based pattern recognition and applications"

Worskhop Shjape 2.0

Beata Konikowska
Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
"From non-deterministic semantics to ordinary Gentzen sequent calculi"

Worskhop GetFun 1.0

Juan Redmond
Dpt of Philosophy, University of Valparaiso, Chile
"McColl's idea of logic"
Session History

Ed Zalta
Stanford University, USA
"Models of Object Theory and the Analysis of Mathematics"

Workshop Between 1st and 2nd Order Logic

Jonathan Ginzburg
University Denis Diderot - Paris7, France
"Quotation via Dialogical Interaction"

Workshop Logic and Linguistics

Hector Freytes
Dpt of Philosophy, Univ. of Cagliari, Italy, Dpt of Math., FCEyA /CONICET, Argentina
"The Phase Space in Intuisionistic Quantum Logic: A Logic-Algebraic Approach"

Worskhop Logc Quantum Structures


Anthony Galton
University of Exeter, UK
"Prolegomena to an Ontology of Shape"

Worskhop Shjape 2.0


Dennis Dieks
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
"The Logic of Identity: Identical Particles in Quantum Mechanics"

Worskhop Logc Quantum Structures

Otávio Bueno
Dpt of Philosophy, University of Miami, USA
"Logic and Rationality"

Workshop Thinking and Rationality

Carlos Caleiro
Security and Quantum Information Group, Institute for Telecommunications, IST, Lisbon, Portugal
"Combining logics, Cryptofibred Semantics and Completeness Preservation"
Session Combination


Sara Negri
Dpt of Philosophy, University of Helsinki, Finland
"Unifying the Search of Proofs and Counterexamples for Non-Classical Logics"
Session Tools

Arnold Koslow
Dpt of Philosophy, City University of New York, USA
"Beth’s Intrinsic Definitions and the Uniqueness of the Logical Operators and First- and Second-Order Quantifiers"

Workshop Between 1st and 2nd Order Logic

Vincenzo Marra
Dpt of Mathematics Federigo Enriques, University of Milan, Italy
"Lukasiewicz logic as a logic of vague propositions, revisited"

Worskhop Many-Valued Logics

Tamar Ariela Lando
Columbia University, New York, USA
"The Topology of Gunk: Lessons from Modal Logic"
Session Modal

Bob Coecke
Dpt of Computer Science, Oxford University, UK
"The Logic of Qauntum Mechanics - Take II"
Worskhop Logc Quantum Structures

Juliette Lemaire
Centre Léon Robin, University of Paris Srobonne, France
"What is logic according to Aristole?"
Session History

Giovanni Sambin
Dept of Mathematics, University of Padua, Italy
"Unification of logics by reflection"

Session Tools

Gila Sher
Dpt of Philosophy, University of California, San Diego, USA
"The Foundational Problem of Logic"

Session Universal

J. Michael Dunn
University of Indiana, USA
"The Third Place is a Charm: Ternary Accessibility Relations
Workshop Relevant Logics

Zhitao He
Beihang University, Beijing, China
"Universal Logic Description of the Dynamic Evolution of Complex Systems
Worskhop Articial Intelligence

André Fuhrmann
Dpt of Philosophy, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
"Unfichting Knowability: Possible vs. Potential Knowledge"
Session Philosophy

Jonathan Seldin
Dpt of Mathematics and Computer Science, Univiversity. of Lethbridge - Canada
"Logical Algebras as Formal Systems: H. B. Curry's Approach to Algebraic Logic
Session Algebra & Category

Sun-Joo Shin
Dpt of Philosophy, Yale University, USA
"The universalism of multimodal logic"

Session Universal

Barbara Tversky
Dpt of Psychology, Stanford University, Columbia Teachers College USA
"Lines, Shapes, and Meaning"

Worskhop Shjape 2.0

Arnon Avron
Dpt of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University, Israel
"A New Approach to Predicative Set Theory"
Workshop Non-Classical Mathematics

Secret Speaker
Dpt of Logic, University of Logic, Kingdom of Logic

Gianluigi Bellin

University of Verona, Italy
"Disambiguating bi-intutitionism
Worskhop IMLA 6.0

Agata Ciabattoni
Technical University, Vienna, Austria
"Analytic calculi for non-classical logics: The Baha'i Method"

Worskhop GetFun 1.0

Simon Colton
Department of Computing of Imperial College London, UK
"Shape, Composition and Juxtaposition in The Painting Fool"

Worskhop Shjape 2.0

Edward Hermann Haeusler
Dpt of Informatics, PUC-RJ, Brazil
"Universality, Naturality and Logical Systems"

Worskhop GetFun 1.0

Luca Vigano
University of Verona, Italy
"Formal Methods for the Security of the Internet of Services"

Worskhop IMLA 6.0

Heinrich Wansing
Dpt of Pholosophy 2.0, University of Bochum, Germany
"Falsification, Natural Deduction, and Bi-Intuitionistic Logic"
Worskhop GetFun 1.0