AML Logic Prize

1) The Mexican Academy of Logic (AML) will award, every three years, an AML LOGIC PRIZE, aimed at promoting logic research among its members. The winner of this prize will enjoy, as indicated below, support to present their work in international spaces.

2) Every member of the Mexican Academy of Logic (AML), affiliated to a University, Institute or School, irrespective of their role, nationality, gender or age, are eligible for participation. This includes not only professors and researchers but also current postgraduate students and doctors who presented their Ph. Dissertations less than 10 years ago.

3) Applicants are requested to submit an original (unpublished) manuscript written in English, from 10 to 30 pages, on any topic that can be considered as pertaining to logic (by the standards of the international community of logicians).

4) The jury is composed by different member-researchers (national and international) of the Mexican Academy of Logic; researchers representative of diverse areas of logic.

5) The prize, besides being honorific, consists in:
a) Publication of the paper in the journal Logica Universalis, Birkhäuser.
b) Presentation of the paper at the World Congress of Universal Logic. Housing and registration fee are granted by UNILOG. (NB: The winner has to find some financial support for her/his travel to the event)

AML Logic Prize 2021

i) Participation in UNILOG'2021 in Crete, Greece: housing + registration fees will be provided to the winner and the paper will be published in the journal Logica Universalis
ii) The awarded person will present his/her work at the 2nd World Logic Prizes Contest competing with the corresponding award winners from other countries.

ii)For participation in competition for AML Logic Prize 2021, the applicants should submit their manuscripts before 30 November 2020, in PDF format, by means of the email address: aml.directiva@gmail.com with subject "AML Logic Prize"

iii) Jury 2021

Note: In case the winner is not from Mexico, he or she will still represent the Mexican Academy of Logic (AML)

This prize is part of the project A PRIZE OF LOGIC IN EVERY COUNTRY.


Dr. Jesús Jasso-Méndez (AML/UACM/UNAM)
Dr. Claudio M. Conforti-Carlomagno (AML/UCA/IEM)
Dr. Abel Hernández-Ulloa (AML/UG)
Mtra. Rinette Goletto (AML/Colegio Madrid)