Louis Couturat Logic Prize

1) The Prize will be awarded every two years.

2) Contestants should submit an unpublished paper (between 10 to 30 pages) in any area of logic, written in English or French.

3) The jury is composed of researchers working in France representative of all areas of logic and of the geography of the country.

4) The prize, besides being an honour, will support the winner's participation (housing + travel + registration fee) in the World Congress of Universal Logic and the publication of the paper in the journal Logica Universalis, Birkhäuser.

5) There is no restriction of age, sex, race, nationality. Contestants need only to live in France and be affiliated with a University (or other educational institution) in France.

Louis Couturat Logic Prize 2021

i) Participation in the 2nd Logic Prizes Contest, at UNILOG'2022 in Crete: housing + registration fees will be provided to the winner and the paper will be published in the journal Logica Universalis

ii) Send your paper by December 1st, 2021 to prizes@logica-universalis.org

iii) Jury 2021

This prize is part of the project A PRIZE OF LOGIC IN EVERY COUNTRY.


Louis Couturat (18681914) was the main promoter of symbolic logic in France at the beginning of the 20th century, author in particular of a book on the algebra of logic. He was a good friend of Bertrand Russell with whom he had a long correspondence which was recently published. He rediscovered and made worldwide known the work of Leibniz on logic. He promoted the artificial language Ido.

More information about Couturat can be found on the page of the tutorial on Louis Couturat that was be presented by Oliver Schlaudt at the 6th School of Universal Logic, June 16-20, 2018 in Vichy.

Organizer of the Prize:
Jean-Yves Beziau (UFRJ)