Newton da Costa Prize of Logic 2018

1) Every two years is attributed a prize

2) Each contender should submit a non published paper (between 10 to 30 pages) written in English

3) The jury is formed by  5 researchers working in Brazil representative of all areas of logic and the geography of the country

4) The prize, besides being honorific, supports the participation (travel + housing + registration fee) of the winner to the World Congress of Universal Logic and the publication of the paper in the journal Logica Universalis, Birkhäuser

5) There is no restriction of age, sex, race, nationality. The contender only needs to be affiliated to a University in Brazil.

Newton da Costa Prize of Logic 2015

i) Participation to UNILOG'2018 in Vichy: airticket (sponsorised by SBL) + housing + registration fees will be provided to the winner

ii) Date for the submission of the paper: January 15 2018, vichy@uni-log.org

iii) Jury 2018
Francisco Antonio Doria, UFRJ - Chair
Andreas Brunner, UFBA - Mathematical Logic
Osvaldo Pessoa, USP - Philosophy of Science
Mario Benevides, UFRJ - Logic and Computation
Abilio Rodrigues, UFMG - Philosophical Logic



Newton da Costa

First President of the Brazilian Society of Logic 

President of Honor of  the
Brazilian Academy of Philosophy

Organizers of the Prize:
Jean-Yves Béziau (University of Brazil)
Itala D'Ottaviano (UNICAMP)